The company THERMO STONE d.o.o was incorporated in March 2016 and is currently the only factory of AAC blocks in the Republic of Croatia.
AAC block is a product that is commonly used in the countries of central and western Europe and has suppressed the usage of “classic” materials during construction. The most important reason for this lies in the fact that the usage of porous concrete in construction greatly affects the energetic efficiency of the entire facility, and thanks to the fact that in our geographic area we are increasingly adopting modern trends in designing and building energy-efficient buildings in which AAC has an irreplaceable role, THERMO STONE finds its place in the mentioned process and wants to present itself as a stable and reliable partner for local and regional construction companies in delivering high quality construction materials.

Our mission is to introduce and bring this high quality and above all energy-efficient product to the end users in our regional market, to transfer the rich experience of usage of this material throughout the developed European markets to our customers, and to make it more accessible to our customers with approachable price policy.
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